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BDSL GameDay – Yemen Elite vs NS Alliance (Tehel Cup RD1)


Tehel Cup, some around league hold this competition in high prestige compared to the divisional championship.  This is because teams will face each other no matter what division they are in, so a 1st division team can face a Premier team and possibly have a chance to win.  Today’s game  will pit 2 teams that have not faced each other in over 5 years.  So to say one team has an edge over the other or any type of rivalry is mute.  What we could see from these 2 teams is a battle to see who will take the upper edge in the division when the dust settles today. Yemen is a determined team this year revamping thier line-up and no longer seeing veterans on the team like Nabeal (Billy) Saif  the defensive beast or the likes of Ab (the Duel) Zaid with his physical tenacity that would rival any midfielder.. No. This Yemen team is built on speed and skill with new comer Mateo Escobar commanding the helm.  We do not know much about NS Alliance other than they started the season against the strongest team in the Championship division and losing on thier home field 5 nil then bouncing back against a young Amherst Raptors 4-1 at ECC North, but conceding to West Seneca Strikers in West Seneca 3-0.  What team will show up in Orchard Park, we will just have to see. Read more

BDSL GameDay – Yemen Elite vs Alden



Yemen Elite will face Alden at our beloved home field.  This game will feature a more determined Yemen team after losing a heartbreak in Polonia after being up 1 nothing. Coach Faress stated in his post-game statement that changes will happen after being disappointed by his team’s second half break down. Attendance at this weeks practice showed that all team members came, at one point Coach Faress showed his disgust regarding his team’s performance by going into a heated rant during the players stretch.  Hopefully the players will respond against Alden, and put on a display that will confirm that they are serious about this season.  Alden coming off a second close loss against Roos will try to get their first win of the season against Yemen.


Kick off is at 6PM @ Lackawanna Yemen Soccer Field . Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game.


BDSL GameDay – Yemen Elite vs Polonia

Yemen Elite will face Polonia in Sahlen’s Park Soccer field located in Elma.  This will be a game of 2 veteran teams who have been in the league for a long time.  Yemen Elite with a mix of young bloods and experienced troops should give Polonia, a former Premier team, a great game.  Yemen Elite coming off a convincing but physical win verse Tonawanda City in Tonawanda will again have to show composure and skill against a hungry Polonia team which lost a close game  to the Roos 2-1.

Kick off is at 6PM @ Sahlen’s Sportspark 1 . Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game.

Team News – Yemen Elite

BDSL red card committee’s verdict for Sami’s red card.  He will have to sit out 3 games and $35 fine.  Coach Faress is in the process of appealing this verdict.  Video contradicts ref’s call of an elbow to the back of the head.

Team News – Yemen Elite

Nageeb Ali’s request to be released has been accepted by Yemen Elite’s coach Faress Saleh.

Injury Report for Yemen Elite vs Tonawanda City 5/6/12

Name Injury Report 5/6
% chance of Play
Mohsen,Sadami ankle 80%
Al-hajjaj,Naef Bruised Knee 90%, Face Injury 65% = 80% Chance
Elsayegh,Ayman Foot 50%
Kadric,Admir Hip flexor 90%
Harhara,Mohamed knee 0% – Out of lineup
Abdulmalik,Sami None
Ahmed,Fayez None
Ali,Nageeb None
Boussag,Otman None
Escobar,Mateo None
Hassain,Mohsen None
Hassan,Dabwan None
Kadric,Samir None
Mihab,Hicham None
Mohamed,Abdulqawi None
Mohamed,Ali None
Mohsen,Mana None
Noman,Waheb None