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Men’s Yemen Soccer Summer 2013 Preseason Analysis

          A storms a brewing down in Lackawanna where the two Yemen teams are under a lot of pressure to win the club’s first ever championship.  Both teams feel the need to win now and are doing whatever it takes to make sure that happens.  Here is a quick preview of both teams on what’s in store for this season.


After a season where team United had an early exit, an overhaul took place.  The Lackawanna Yemen committee decided a coaching change was needed. After a couple weeks of interviewing possible candidates, they decided to give rookie coach Fawze Zaid a shot. With a new coach comes new personal and with Coach Fawze first moves he signed his brother, Abdul Zaid, and Bayern Munich fanatic Admir Kadric as his assistants. After just weeks on the job, they managed to sign some big free agents including Admir Kadric AKA the Bosnian Killer, Mahmoud, and Amjad to go along with Nabeal Saif, Yasin Omar, Yasin Tahir, Abdul Zaid, and rising stars Akram Alkadi, Migalli Mohamed aka Hulk Hogan, and Abraham “The Hulk” Hamdee to hold down the defense. Coach Fawze also lured in a big fish when he signed Mana Mohsen. Mana is known to some to be the best Yemen goalie since Ali Mana. This young man willed his indoor team to the championship and he got paid. They also signed superstars Ali Mohamed and Miguel Rambo to big time contracts. Ali Mohamed, in particular, was signed after he asked for a release from Team Elite. His agent Nageem would not disclose any details on why he wanted a release but he said AM9 feels like he’s in a better place now. The team has big goals for the upcoming season including winning the league championship Insha Allah.


Coach Faress is back at it signing some big time talent this year to represent Yemen’s finest club. Adding to the roster of the Yemen Cup Champions is talented Afghanis brother Ali and Ahmed. Ali is known for his ridiculous skills and moves while Ahmed is a lockdown defender who sacrifices his body to keep the ball out of the 18. They also added the Naija Prince  James Ugorji AKA Usain Bolt to break defenses down with his speed and finish. Also not since Abedi Pele has there been a talented player hailing from Ghana with the addition of Guilford Sai (Gil) to help out the middle of the field. They also made the signing of the century bringing in restricted free agent Nageeb Ali who has 39 goals in two seasons in the men’s league. This team has depth in every position. When talking to his agent Sal, Sal said that there were many factors involved with Nageeb leavin but it cannot be disclosed at the moment. Coach Faress has to use all the knowledge he has acquired over the years to fix up a departed defense. With all stars Mateo Escobar and Abdulqawi holding down the middle, Coach Faress is pretty confident that his mid fielders will help the defense. Also the positions of Sami and Abdoghani switching to defense can really be a chance for these rising stars to shine. Sami in particular is in his 4th season and he just wants to win a championship. In Net, they have proven all star goaltender Semir Kadric. “This guy is an absolute beast” a fan said “he reminds me of casillas of Spain. Team Elite also made a key signings in bringing in Taha Omar, Rocco, Ramsey Abdulmalik, Mohamed harhara, Adnan, Ayman to shore up each position and to force a competitive atmosphere from team Elite.  ESPN Reporters Nageem and Ali Mana caught up with Coach Faress and asked him on the upcoming season and he has huge goals for his squad. He wants a league championship and another Yemen cup to add to the resume. Insha Allah both squads get the job done and represent us with class and professionalism.

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