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BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs Queenston


Queenston currently sits in first place in the Championship division with a strong showing this season after promotion from the 1st division, they have established themselves as a top notch contender for the division.  Only conceding 1 loss in the regular season against the red hot Sharpshooters (4-1).  Yemen Elite is coming off back to back losses, one in the regular season against the Sharpshooter (2-1) and the other against the Premier undefeated BSC Raiders on Wednesday’s Tehel Cup game in a nail biter of a finish with a man down and scoring 2 goals  in that timeframe in the second half.  BSC was able to score in the final minute to avoid OT.

Yemen has to do some soul searching if they want to beat Queenston who seem to taken this division by surprise.  Yemen has some of the most talented players on the roster but is the hunger there to win after losing close ones.  How will Yemen overcome these losses mentally?  Will we see the Yemen team who seem to score at ease against FC Buffalo or not?  Yemen sits tied for 3rd place in the division and will have to keep winning in order to stay in the top of the bracket and secure a playoff spot.  One quick note regarding the away games, is the fans.  The fans have come out in huge support for this team and have shown so much energy that at times would push Elite to play better during the match.  The team appreciates it and would like to recognize that.

Kick off is on Sunday 630PM@Fort Niagara 1 (99 Scott Ave, Youngstown, NY 14174). Head out early to enjoy the beautiful view of the gorge. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (6/30/2013)

Elite vs Raiders

BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs BSC Raiders

Yemen_BSC Raiders

Yemen Elite vs BSC Raiders.  This game has been rescheduled a couple times to accommodate players and avoid bad weather.  The day is finally here.  Yemen Elite is coming off a heartbreak loss against  divisional foe the Amherst Sharpshooters 2-1.  Today is do or die CUP game against the undefeated Premier team BSC Raiders.  If Yemen wins, they will continue to fight another day in the Tehel Cup elimination if they lose they will have to focus on the rest of the regular season.  This game will be under the lights on turf, a special scenario to play in.  For the true fans they will have to hike with the team up to Lewiston Porter high school for the 8 o’clock game.

Location: Lewiston Porter High School. 4213 Creek Rd, Youngstown NY (Lewiston) Time: 8PM game start

Come support this team and hopefully beat the unbeatable.

BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs Amherst Sharpshooters


A little history on this rivalry.  Yemen has yet to record a win against this quality team. Not since the 2011 1st Division Championship game has it been so important for both teams to win.  Yemen is looking for revenge from 2011 disappointing loss to Amherst in the championship game (2-1) and also a loss last year in the regular season game 3-1.  Yemen Elite was not prepared in last year’s match, key players were missing and some players showed up late because of a tournament they played. This year Yemen is prepared to face his juggernaut  of a team in Amherst.  Amherst has one of the stingiest defense in the league always ending up with the lowest goals against every year.  This year they are on track in keeping that record with only 4 goals against in 5 games. Yemen so too does have a strong defense with only 8 goals against (3 in the loss of Rush FC) in 6 games.  The difference between these 2 teams is that Yemen has a very explosive offense …when they are clicking on all cylinders (20 goals For). Amherst sits in 4th place just under Yemen Elite with a game in hand.  A win for either team could propel them into the 1st place slot currently held by Queenston. Which Yemen faces next Sunday at Fort Niagara.  Another upcoming game for Yemen Elite will be this Wednesday@8pm under the lights for the rescheduled Cup game against the BSC Raiders at Lewiston Porter High School.
Forecast will be hot and sunny with a high of 85.  Players will need to stay hydrated to avoid cramps and other injuries.  Yemen has a few injuries today, but should have a bench of players to rotate.
Kick off is at 4PM @ Nichols (1250 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14216). Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (6/23/2013)


Yemen Elite vs FC Buffalo Reserves Highlights

BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs FC Buffalo Reserves


After 3 consecutive home game for team Elite, this Sunday they will be traveling to Park School in Amherst to face off against a very dangerous FC Buffalo Reserves team.  Yemen Elite was primed to play the Tehel Cup on Thursday against the indestructible Raiders, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to bad weather and will be scheduled at a later date (tbd). FC Buffalo Reserves consists of some up and comers from around the area and perennial play makers.

FC Buffalo reserves are winless in the regular season with a record of 0-2-3 (3pts) tied for last place but sitting in 10th. Don’t let their record fool you, they have played and lost to some solid squads like Queenston and Wolfpack and tied Lakeshore, Buffalo Celtic, Rangers.  They are determine to get their first win of the season and in front of their home crowd.  With leader/top scorer Steve Acheampong and up comer Omar Sundi in the line up, they will try to break through Elite’s iron curtain. Elite has not allowed more than 2 goals since game one’s adjustment against Rush FC.  Back in the line-up for Yemen Elite will be the kipper himself Mateo Escobar and young gun Abdulghani Ali.  Yemen will still be without Sadami Mohsen and Waheb Noman, but with a deep bench it should not be an issue.

Elite’s hunger to play against the Raiders should carry over to this game as all the players were mentally ready since Thursday.  Practice this Saturday consisted of team play and breakthrough pass plays. Strategy and film review are main point of Elite’s practice.  Hopefully the players will review their shortcomings and adjust their inconsistency.  Yemen must win these types of game such in the case of tying Lakeshore Select, when all the offensive pressure mustered 1 goal.  Blame it on field condition if you want, but this team will have to overcome rain soak fields no matter what field they are playing at.  We must not relinquish a win to FC Buffalo or the season will be more difficult on the club, fans, and players. Focus and determination should bring home a W.  Let’s GO ELITE!

Kick off is on Sunday 6PM @Park School 1 (4625 Harlem Rd  Buffalo, NY 14226). Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (6/16/2013)


BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs BSC Raiders

Yemen_BSC Raiders

Round 2 of the Tehel CUP and who will Yemen Elite face….”DA RAIDERS” (Chris Berman Voice).

This will be by far the toughest challenge of the season for team Elite.  BSC Raiders always finish in the top 3 of the Premier division and have won their division and the Tehel Cup countless times.  If anyone remembers, BSC Raiders has played our club a few times and the results has always been a loss for us, not so much blowouts but a controlled game by the Raiders.  BSC raiders will not razzle dazzle teams or play with gusto, they are a team that plays discipline soccer.   Technically this team is sound and plays like a true premier team, they will not take risks but most likely capitalize on opponents’ mistakes.

Yemen Elite is coming off a 1-1 ties against a divisional opponent at home.  Elite controlled the game but were unable to finish off this team.  Granted the field was bad the would have made a difference such as one ball that was crossed in by number 27 Majed Albari to a downward header by number 11 James Ugorji that sailed between the keepers legs only to be stopped by a puddle of water on the line which was eventually cleared by the defender. Missed opportunities was the true story of that game.  Elite must not make mistakes and must control the tempo of this game.  Back in the lineup for this upcoming game will be captain Mateo Escobar and the young ‘thrilla’ Abdulghani Ali.  Hopefully playing on turf will be an advantage over the decrepit grounds of the cage, our home field can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage to teams.  The last time Yemen Elite played on turf was an early season friendly against the red hot BUSS (Buffalo United Soccer Stars) which ended in a 7-0 thrashing at the hands of Elite.  We will see if the same results can be done again against the invincible Raiders.

Kick off is at 630PM Thursday June 13th @ Lewiston-Porter High School. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should a historical match.

BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs Lakeshore Select



Where to start with this breakdown.  Let’s start with who are the Lakeshore Select team.  This team might be formerly known as the West Seneca Strikers, but you say there is a team called West Seneca Strikers in the first division.  Well every club goes through a mutiny of some sort and West Seneca Strikers experienced it at the end of last season.  After a defeat in the quarter finals in the championship playoff verses our beloved Yemen Elite squad, which ended in one of the most exciting shoot-outs (Most likely the biggest fan turnout of the season for Yemen Elite), the WS Strikers had some internal turmoil and division within the team.  The core of either team would be the former West Seneca Strikers from last year.  Ken (Manager of WS Striker) would retain the historical name of West Seneca Strikers and therefore the newly formed team adopted the Lakeshore Select because most of the players live in the Lakeshore area.

What we heard is that both teams are equal good, but Lakeshore has more younger and faster guys than the former team.  West Seneca and Lakeshore played a friendly match before the season that ended in a 1-0 win for Lakeshore.  Lakeshore sits 1-2-1 (4Points) with losses to the Rangers and the Roos both of which Elite has beat convincingly.

Yemen must not underestimate Lakeshore or even think ahead to the BSC Raiders (Tehel Cup) game on Thursday.  They must focus on this game and earn a victory to hold steadfast to the top of the division.  The “General” Mateo Escobar might not be in attendance to this game due to traveling, but the troops should step up in his absence.Yemen Elite must be consistent and earn wins against teams and play strong till the end. They will be without Sadami Mohsen, Waheb Noman (Both out for the season) but a deep bench should compensate for the missing players.

Kick off is on Sunday 6PM @Yemen Soccer Field on Lehigh St. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (6/9/2013)


Elite vs Roos

BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs ROOS


These 2 teams have history and maybe even bad blood that go way back.  They have faced each other in the past and the matches were very tight.  In the 2008 summer season it was back and forth which resulted in a tie, but in 2009 in the CAGE, Yemen was unable to win after having a 1 nothing lead going into the halftime, final score was 2-1, ROOS.  Last year’s match ended in a 0-0 tie.  The weather will be sunny with high of 75 with a forecast of rain and thunderstorms early in the day. Weather conditions can play a big factor in today’s game with the grass being wet.  Yemen also has a few more setbacks to overcome with injuries and work schedules for certain players, Yemen will have 18 active players for today and will be without their defensive player Sadami Mohsen due to knee injury and also last year top scorer for Elite Waheb Noman.  We are hoping the home crowd will show up and support us and cheer us on and hope have a strong showing against a rabid ROOS team, who are determined to win and establish themselves as a top team in the Championship division.  Yemen and ROOS sit 3 and 8 respectively in the division, so a win for either team will results in a catapult or a big drop within the division.

Kick off is at 6PM @ Yemen Soccer Field. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (6/2/2013)