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Yemen Elite vs Alden (Tehel Cup RD1)


Yemen Elite will be facing off against 1st Division Alden.  The last time Yemen faced Alden was in 2012 league play in which Yemen won handily.  Alden has been a team in a downward spiral since then and have been relegated from Championship division. Alden has only played one game this season against the Buffalo Gunners in which they conceded 4 goals and only scoring off a corner kick.  From initial analysis, they are big and work well on corner/place kicks, they are non stop hustlers.

Yemen Elite coming off a hard fought loss to Celtic.  Yemen played hard with 10 men after get an early red card on a questionable call.  The loss is still stinging coming into this game.  Missing from the last game was offense, Yemen will look to change things up today.  Back in the line-up is Mike Raftu, this should add some offensive spark.  This game will be played at the Cage, which is been in constant battle with the weather.

Yemen Elite is looking to make a statement in this game and will not take this team lightly.

Other Tehel Cup gains in action is FC Yemen (1st Division) vs Rangers (Championship Division) and Buffalo Gunners (1st Division) vs BUSS (Premier)

Kick off is today Thursday 630PM @Yemen Soccer Field on Lehigh St. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (5/22/14)

Yemen Elite vs Celtic


Today’s match features 2 great teams. Yemen Elite coming off a dominating  win against a perennial Premier team in Lakeside FC at the Cage.  They will be facing a juggernaut of a team in the Celtic.

Celtic is rated the top team in the Premier year after year including this year per the BDSL power ranking.  This is as solid as team as you can get in this league. Teams only hope to not concede many goals against them, but what makes this team great is the cohesiveness of the players.  Most of them have played for years together and developed chemistry that helps them deliver quick and precise passes.  At times the ball is delivered with little communication as if they know exactly where their teammate will be.  Celtic has a couple of Butchers on the team, Frank and Steve Butcher that is.  Their name is synonymous with the style of play, carving up teams on the field with impunity.  In net, is none other than the league president himself Brian “Ski” Staniszewski, although some say he attributes their low league goals against to the guys in front of him, he does step up when tested.  The rest of the team consist of many great athletes who have played at Division I and III colleges at one point.

Coach Faress only caught of glimpse of this Celtic team while coaching his team last year during the Championship game against Amherst.  Much of the style of this Celtic team is not known to him, but he seems to adapt and adjust during a match.  When asked how he feels about this match, Coach Faress stated ” This is a must win” and “The outcome of this game will show where we stand in this Premier Division”.  It’s a very tall order to beat such a great team, but still capable with what Yemen Elite’s roster consists of.  The only issue that impacts Yemen Elite the shorten roster for today (15).  Scratched from the roster for Sunday is Mike Raftu(F), Alex Pollak(M), James Ugorji (F). Coach Faress will have to move players around to fill in where players are missing.  This is not new to him as he has a great understanding the players on the roster and where they can step up.  Also, something new to Yemen Elite is the time of this game being played at 2pm.  This can also be a factor in the way players get ready for an early game.

Fans are hoping to witness history for this Yemen Elite team. To beat a team like this will be a great accomplishment for this club.

Kick off is Sunday 5/18 at 2PM @ Nichols (1250 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14216). Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. Temperatures should be in the mid 50s, please dress warm (5/18/14)

Yemen Elite vs Lakeside FC


Yemen Elite coming off a flat tie game against BUSS, Yemen will have to do better than that.  Coming to the Cage for the first time ever will be Lakeside FC.  Lakeside FC is a team that finishes in the top half of the Premier division.  They are considered one of the perennial teams that either makes it to the finals of the Tehel Cup or in the playoff for the regular season.  Last week Lakeside FC lost to the juggernauts BSC Raiders by a close margin of 1 nil.  Most teams who played last week had rust and more than likely used that game as their first outdoor 11 v 11 warm-up game.

Lakeside FC has weapons at their disposal such as the playmaking ability of #9 Kyle Westerholt. He is the heart of soul of the middle, he can deliver passes with such accuracy and move out of tight containment.  He will be the key to this team for the season.  Yemen will have to find ways to disrupt his movement and get him out of his game.  Not to take away anything away from the rest of the roster, this team has a great midfield but not sure about how this defense can hold up against a very fast Yemen team. Charlie Barth, the manager of Lakeside FC, personally requested to play this game at the Cage as normally we don’t have one this early. He has only wanted to experience the Cage, so let’s give them an experience they soon won’t forget.

Yemen Elite has had a roster rearrangement since last year and added depth to almost every position.  Back in this weeks line up is the ever elusive Ali Adil and the speed defender Mo Harhara.  They will be a welcome addition to a short roster.  Yemen has lost the Alex Pollak to Mississippi Brilla FC until mid July.  Alex will be sorely missed but should not reduce Yemen’s ability to move the ball.

Today’s factors for the game will be the field and the fans.  The Cage is not one of the best grounds in the league, some would consider it the worst.  But what makes the Cage a factor is the fans.  They will be instrumental in boosting our Yemen Elite team to another level of play.  As I am writing this post, we currently have field maintenance out there trimming the grass were there are no puddles.  Some parts of the field are muddy so will it play in Yemen’s favor since they are a grass team and Lakeside is a turf team? we shall see.

This is the first official home game for any Yemen team, so let’s get as many people out there early.  Spread the word as the loathsome Lakeside FC comes to our Cage to steal a win.

Kick off is today Sunday 6PM @Yemen Soccer Field on Lehigh St. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (5/11/14)

Yemen Elite vs Buffalo United Soccer Star (BUSS)


For the first game of the season, Yemen Elite will be facing off against the incumbent Premier team BUSS formerly known as the Black Stars. Many changes have happened to this team over the years but familiar faces stayed onboard to keep this team afloat in the Premier league. BUSS came in near the bottom of Premier last season with Lykan FC and intially were relegated, but due to restructuring around the league and the Premier division going from 10 to 12 teams, BUSS remained in Premier with Lykan. It was not that there were a bad team, as they lost close games to quality teams. This year BUSS has a lighter roster going from 21 to 16, but increased in talent as they picked up the young rising star Ezana Vidic and added UB Club soccer stars Adedamola and Roberto Carlos. Also returning to the team after a season stint with Yemen United and standout midfielder/forward Miguel Rumbo. If there is a team that Yemen Elite knows so well it is this team. During the offseason most of the players on BUSS participated in the Yemen Indoor Soccer League and have won back to back Championships with Brazil, a mixture of Yemen and BUSS players.

Yemen Elite has also had a facelift in players. Starting with the 10 returning players and adding 8 (Player Profiles). Yemen Elite has added depth in every position in front of the goalie.  Most of the new players come from extensive soccer backgrounds. One player that is looking to prove his comeback is George Yappa.  George once played for BUSS a couple of years back, but due to an injury he suffered indoor, he has been out of the game. George is out to prove that he is an Elite player and can still play the game at a skilled level.  Yemen has faced BUSS once last year in a friendly match that ended with a (Yemen Elite) 9-1 (BUSS)score, but this is a different Yemen team and also a very different BUSS team.  Players from both sides have a lot at stake trying to prove they have what it takes to play in this league.  Both teams want to start the season in the win column and come out of this game with positives.  Yemen Elite will have a couple of injured players who are questionable to play, but it will be the coach’s decision on whether to play them or not.

Last year’s run for the Championship Cup proved successful, can Yemen continue the winning into the Premier League. We will see. Full team schedule can be found here TEAM SCHEDULE

Kick off is Sunday May 4th at 6PM @ West Seneca Soccer Complex 1 . 3747 Seneca St, West Seneca, NY 14224. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (5/4/2014)