BDSL Gameday FINALS- Yemen Elite vs Amherst Sharpshooters

This is it. The Finals for the championship division. Amherst Sharpshooters and Yemen Elite finished the division 1st and 2nd respectively. Amherst boasts the best defense in the league and lowest goals against of 7 and Yemen Elite boast the best offense in the league with the highest goals for of 38. These 2 dynamos are on a collision course and only one will come out victorious. The last time these 2 teams met was on June 23rd at Nichols were Yemen came roaring out of the gate and scored a quick goal within a few minutes of the game. Amherst quickly gathered themselves and played a possession game. They were able to counter on Yemen’s mistakes and capitalize on one them within the 22nd minute to even the score. An later they would get the game winner.
Yes, Yemen Elite is the underdog and coming into this game with 14 players will not help. Yemen started the season with 21 and as the season went on critical injuries and players traveling overseas reduced the ranks. The last few games Yemen has done a lot with what they have and showing their true heart, they were able to get wins. The best example was the semifinal game as Queenston FC, Queenston had a full bench with 8 on standby and Yemen only had 4 on bench with 2 in rotation. Yemen pulled an amazing effort to win the game 1-0. But to give credit to just the team would be an understatement, the crowd was at full tilt and roared on many occasions that lifted the spirits of the players. The crowd will be equally as important for Yemen Elite at Nichols for the finals.

Important message from league president:
All fans are to sit on bleacher side of the fields. No fans will be permitted in the space between the fields.

The Lackawanna Yemen Soccer Club will be providing shuttle service from the Lehigh Soccer field. The shuttles will be leaving the field at 5pm sharp and bring folks back after the game. Please carpool as there will be limited parking.

Kick off is Sunday 8/11 at 6PM @ Nichols (1250 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14216). Come show your support, bring your friends, family, drums, vuvezelas, and anything else along for what should be a great game

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