BDSL GameDay – Tehel Cup RD2 – Yemen Elite vs Clarence

Yemen Elite presses on and advances to the 2nd round of the Tehel Cup to face a premier opponent. Clarence was once in the same division as Yemen a few years back before there was a Championship division.  Clarence has faced Yemen about 3 times from 2008-2010 seasons.  Clarence has the upper hand in the wins winning 2 out of the 3 matches.  Yemen coach Faress Saleh and a few players went to scope out Clarence’s match versus Lakeside FC during a divisional match and were highly impressed with thier top forward number 18 Andrew Incho who is super skilled and demonstrated his talent by scoring 2 of the 3 goals against Lakeside.   Clarence was down 1 nil by half, but Lakeside defense seemed more porous and allowed Andrew to find openings that were as wide as the Grand Canyon.  Yemen will have to contain him and not give him direct lanes to the net. As what we can see Clarence has one of the tallest players on the roster that Yemen has faced.  Yemen has not played since June 3rd and this might hurt them.  This will be Yemen’s toughest week since they will be playing 3 games in 4 days. Also Yemen will be without Captain Mateo Escobar, veteran goalie Semir Kadric, new signee Matt Goldwater all due to work schedule and also not in the lineup is Sami Abdulmalik and Debwan Hassan due to leg injuries.   Yemen will be coming into todays game with 14 active players, this will definitely test the teams resilences to overcome these setbacks.  Clarence sits 2nd in Premier division with a record of 3 wins and 2 loss.

Coach Faress will have to put certain players in the right spots for this game and know when to change formation if they are in the lead or trailing, this was one of the issues that took 3 points away from them during the Celtic game.  I wish I can end this article with a joke or a nice line, but Tehel Cups matches are do or die and Yemen Elite better treat it as such.

Kick off is at 630PM @Clarence Town Park, 5400 Goodrich RD, Clarence NY. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (6/14/2012)