BDSL GameDay (Tehel) – Yemen Elite vs Hamburg Monarchs


Yemen Elite will face Hamburg Monarchs at our beloved home field.  This game will feature a more cohesive Yemen team after a convincing win in Polonia (4-1). These troops showed heart battling in one of the worst weather conditions in BDSL history.  The weather went from sunny and windy to torrential monsoonish hail storm that pierced the players like sharp daggers, the second half looked to be more goals for Elite, but unfortunately the ref called the game with 20 mins left. Coach Faress second game adjustments proved to be the right move, by going back to the 3-1-3-1-2 formation and promoting Guilford Sai to Center Defender. Yemen Elite has not faced Hamburg Monarchs who hail from the 1st division, but initial reports show that they had a bye the first week of the season and lost to the Amherst Raptors in a close game 2-1.  Hamburg will be very hungry for a win to boost their morale and get a footing on their season.  This will be Yemen Elite’s first home game of the season and will want to show the home crowd they are up for the challenge and continue on through the second round of the Tehel Cup.

What is the Tehel Cup? It is a knockout cup outside of divisional play.  All teams in the league are thrown into a hat and drawn randomly to play each other. Each team is placed in a bracket like College basketball and each winning team from the 4 divisional brackets advance onward, losers are knocked out and end their Tehel Cup dreams.  Within the Tehel Cup any team from any division can face each other. In today’s game it is Yemen Elite (Championship team) vs Hamburg Monarchs (1st division team), and next week Tehel Cup will showcase the undefeated Yemen United (1st division team) vs Clarence (Premier team). Ranking of divisions goes from Premier, Championship, 1st Division, 2nd Division, 3rd Division.  But only the top 3 divisions a combination of 35 teams face off to earn the coveted Tehel Cup Trophy.


Kick off is at 630PM today May 16th @ Lackawanna Yemen Soccer Field . Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game.


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