BDSL GameDay – Yemen Elite vs Alden



Yemen Elite will face Alden at our beloved home field.  This game will feature a more determined Yemen team after losing a heartbreak in Polonia after being up 1 nothing. Coach Faress stated in his post-game statement that changes will happen after being disappointed by his team’s second half break down. Attendance at this weeks practice showed that all team members came, at one point Coach Faress showed his disgust regarding his team’s performance by going into a heated rant during the players stretch.  Hopefully the players will respond against Alden, and put on a display that will confirm that they are serious about this season.  Alden coming off a second close loss against Roos will try to get their first win of the season against Yemen.


Kick off is at 6PM @ Lackawanna Yemen Soccer Field . Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game.