BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs BSC Raiders

Yemen_BSC Raiders

Round 2 of the Tehel CUP and who will Yemen Elite face….”DA RAIDERS” (Chris Berman Voice).

This will be by far the toughest challenge of the season for team Elite.  BSC Raiders always finish in the top 3 of the Premier division and have won their division and the Tehel Cup countless times.  If anyone remembers, BSC Raiders has played our club a few times and the results has always been a loss for us, not so much blowouts but a controlled game by the Raiders.  BSC raiders will not razzle dazzle teams or play with gusto, they are a team that plays discipline soccer.   Technically this team is sound and plays like a true premier team, they will not take risks but most likely capitalize on opponents’ mistakes.

Yemen Elite is coming off a 1-1 ties against a divisional opponent at home.  Elite controlled the game but were unable to finish off this team.  Granted the field was bad the would have made a difference such as one ball that was crossed in by number 27 Majed Albari to a downward header by number 11 James Ugorji that sailed between the keepers legs only to be stopped by a puddle of water on the line which was eventually cleared by the defender. Missed opportunities was the true story of that game.  Elite must not make mistakes and must control the tempo of this game.  Back in the lineup for this upcoming game will be captain Mateo Escobar and the young ‘thrilla’ Abdulghani Ali.  Hopefully playing on turf will be an advantage over the decrepit grounds of the cage, our home field can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage to teams.  The last time Yemen Elite played on turf was an early season friendly against the red hot BUSS (Buffalo United Soccer Stars) which ended in a 7-0 thrashing at the hands of Elite.  We will see if the same results can be done again against the invincible Raiders.

Kick off is at 630PM Thursday June 13th @ Lewiston-Porter High School. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should a historical match.

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