BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs FC Buffalo Reserves


After 3 consecutive home game for team Elite, this Sunday they will be traveling to Park School in Amherst to face off against a very dangerous FC Buffalo Reserves team.  Yemen Elite was primed to play the Tehel Cup on Thursday against the indestructible Raiders, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to bad weather and will be scheduled at a later date (tbd). FC Buffalo Reserves consists of some up and comers from around the area and perennial play makers.

FC Buffalo reserves are winless in the regular season with a record of 0-2-3 (3pts) tied for last place but sitting in 10th. Don’t let their record fool you, they have played and lost to some solid squads like Queenston and Wolfpack and tied Lakeshore, Buffalo Celtic, Rangers.  They are determine to get their first win of the season and in front of their home crowd.  With leader/top scorer Steve Acheampong and up comer Omar Sundi in the line up, they will try to break through Elite’s iron curtain. Elite has not allowed more than 2 goals since game one’s adjustment against Rush FC.  Back in the line-up for Yemen Elite will be the kipper himself Mateo Escobar and young gun Abdulghani Ali.  Yemen will still be without Sadami Mohsen and Waheb Noman, but with a deep bench it should not be an issue.

Elite’s hunger to play against the Raiders should carry over to this game as all the players were mentally ready since Thursday.  Practice this Saturday consisted of team play and breakthrough pass plays. Strategy and film review are main point of Elite’s practice.  Hopefully the players will review their shortcomings and adjust their inconsistency.  Yemen must win these types of game such in the case of tying Lakeshore Select, when all the offensive pressure mustered 1 goal.  Blame it on field condition if you want, but this team will have to overcome rain soak fields no matter what field they are playing at.  We must not relinquish a win to FC Buffalo or the season will be more difficult on the club, fans, and players. Focus and determination should bring home a W.  Let’s GO ELITE!

Kick off is on Sunday 6PM @Park School 1 (4625 Harlem Rd  Buffalo, NY 14226). Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (6/16/2013)


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