BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs Lakeshore Select



Where to start with this breakdown.  Let’s start with who are the Lakeshore Select team.  This team might be formerly known as the West Seneca Strikers, but you say there is a team called West Seneca Strikers in the first division.  Well every club goes through a mutiny of some sort and West Seneca Strikers experienced it at the end of last season.  After a defeat in the quarter finals in the championship playoff verses our beloved Yemen Elite squad, which ended in one of the most exciting shoot-outs (Most likely the biggest fan turnout of the season for Yemen Elite), the WS Strikers had some internal turmoil and division within the team.  The core of either team would be the former West Seneca Strikers from last year.  Ken (Manager of WS Striker) would retain the historical name of West Seneca Strikers and therefore the newly formed team adopted the Lakeshore Select because most of the players live in the Lakeshore area.

What we heard is that both teams are equal good, but Lakeshore has more younger and faster guys than the former team.  West Seneca and Lakeshore played a friendly match before the season that ended in a 1-0 win for Lakeshore.  Lakeshore sits 1-2-1 (4Points) with losses to the Rangers and the Roos both of which Elite has beat convincingly.

Yemen must not underestimate Lakeshore or even think ahead to the BSC Raiders (Tehel Cup) game on Thursday.  They must focus on this game and earn a victory to hold steadfast to the top of the division.  The “General” Mateo Escobar might not be in attendance to this game due to traveling, but the troops should step up in his absence.Yemen Elite must be consistent and earn wins against teams and play strong till the end. They will be without Sadami Mohsen, Waheb Noman (Both out for the season) but a deep bench should compensate for the missing players.

Kick off is on Sunday 6PM @Yemen Soccer Field on Lehigh St. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (6/9/2013)


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