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Yemen Elite vs Alden (Tehel Cup RD1)


Yemen Elite will be facing off against 1st Division Alden.  The last time Yemen faced Alden was in 2012 league play in which Yemen won handily.  Alden has been a team in a downward spiral since then and have been relegated from Championship division. Alden has only played one game this season against the Buffalo Gunners in which they conceded 4 goals and only scoring off a corner kick.  From initial analysis, they are big and work well on corner/place kicks, they are non stop hustlers.

Yemen Elite coming off a hard fought loss to Celtic.  Yemen played hard with 10 men after get an early red card on a questionable call.  The loss is still stinging coming into this game.  Missing from the last game was offense, Yemen will look to change things up today.  Back in the line-up is Mike Raftu, this should add some offensive spark.  This game will be played at the Cage, which is been in constant battle with the weather.

Yemen Elite is looking to make a statement in this game and will not take this team lightly.

Other Tehel Cup gains in action is FC Yemen (1st Division) vs Rangers (Championship Division) and Buffalo Gunners (1st Division) vs BUSS (Premier)

Kick off is today Thursday 630PM @Yemen Soccer Field on Lehigh St. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (5/22/14)

Yemen Elite vs Celtic


Today’s match features 2 great teams. Yemen Elite coming off a dominating  win against a perennial Premier team in Lakeside FC at the Cage.  They will be facing a juggernaut of a team in the Celtic.

Celtic is rated the top team in the Premier year after year including this year per the BDSL power ranking.  This is as solid as team as you can get in this league. Teams only hope to not concede many goals against them, but what makes this team great is the cohesiveness of the players.  Most of them have played for years together and developed chemistry that helps them deliver quick and precise passes.  At times the ball is delivered with little communication as if they know exactly where their teammate will be.  Celtic has a couple of Butchers on the team, Frank and Steve Butcher that is.  Their name is synonymous with the style of play, carving up teams on the field with impunity.  In net, is none other than the league president himself Brian “Ski” Staniszewski, although some say he attributes their low league goals against to the guys in front of him, he does step up when tested.  The rest of the team consist of many great athletes who have played at Division I and III colleges at one point.

Coach Faress only caught of glimpse of this Celtic team while coaching his team last year during the Championship game against Amherst.  Much of the style of this Celtic team is not known to him, but he seems to adapt and adjust during a match.  When asked how he feels about this match, Coach Faress stated ” This is a must win” and “The outcome of this game will show where we stand in this Premier Division”.  It’s a very tall order to beat such a great team, but still capable with what Yemen Elite’s roster consists of.  The only issue that impacts Yemen Elite the shorten roster for today (15).  Scratched from the roster for Sunday is Mike Raftu(F), Alex Pollak(M), James Ugorji (F). Coach Faress will have to move players around to fill in where players are missing.  This is not new to him as he has a great understanding the players on the roster and where they can step up.  Also, something new to Yemen Elite is the time of this game being played at 2pm.  This can also be a factor in the way players get ready for an early game.

Fans are hoping to witness history for this Yemen Elite team. To beat a team like this will be a great accomplishment for this club.

Kick off is Sunday 5/18 at 2PM @ Nichols (1250 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14216). Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. Temperatures should be in the mid 50s, please dress warm (5/18/14)

Yemen Elite vs Buffalo United Soccer Star (BUSS)


For the first game of the season, Yemen Elite will be facing off against the incumbent Premier team BUSS formerly known as the Black Stars. Many changes have happened to this team over the years but familiar faces stayed onboard to keep this team afloat in the Premier league. BUSS came in near the bottom of Premier last season with Lykan FC and intially were relegated, but due to restructuring around the league and the Premier division going from 10 to 12 teams, BUSS remained in Premier with Lykan. It was not that there were a bad team, as they lost close games to quality teams. This year BUSS has a lighter roster going from 21 to 16, but increased in talent as they picked up the young rising star Ezana Vidic and added UB Club soccer stars Adedamola and Roberto Carlos. Also returning to the team after a season stint with Yemen United and standout midfielder/forward Miguel Rumbo. If there is a team that Yemen Elite knows so well it is this team. During the offseason most of the players on BUSS participated in the Yemen Indoor Soccer League and have won back to back Championships with Brazil, a mixture of Yemen and BUSS players.

Yemen Elite has also had a facelift in players. Starting with the 10 returning players and adding 8 (Player Profiles). Yemen Elite has added depth in every position in front of the goalie.  Most of the new players come from extensive soccer backgrounds. One player that is looking to prove his comeback is George Yappa.  George once played for BUSS a couple of years back, but due to an injury he suffered indoor, he has been out of the game. George is out to prove that he is an Elite player and can still play the game at a skilled level.  Yemen has faced BUSS once last year in a friendly match that ended with a (Yemen Elite) 9-1 (BUSS)score, but this is a different Yemen team and also a very different BUSS team.  Players from both sides have a lot at stake trying to prove they have what it takes to play in this league.  Both teams want to start the season in the win column and come out of this game with positives.  Yemen Elite will have a couple of injured players who are questionable to play, but it will be the coach’s decision on whether to play them or not.

Last year’s run for the Championship Cup proved successful, can Yemen continue the winning into the Premier League. We will see. Full team schedule can be found here TEAM SCHEDULE

Kick off is Sunday May 4th at 6PM @ West Seneca Soccer Complex 1 . 3747 Seneca St, West Seneca, NY 14224. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (5/4/2014)

BDSL Gameday FINALS- Yemen Elite vs Amherst Sharpshooters

This is it. The Finals for the championship division. Amherst Sharpshooters and Yemen Elite finished the division 1st and 2nd respectively. Amherst boasts the best defense in the league and lowest goals against of 7 and Yemen Elite boast the best offense in the league with the highest goals for of 38. These 2 dynamos are on a collision course and only one will come out victorious. The last time these 2 teams met was on June 23rd at Nichols were Yemen came roaring out of the gate and scored a quick goal within a few minutes of the game. Amherst quickly gathered themselves and played a possession game. They were able to counter on Yemen’s mistakes and capitalize on one them within the 22nd minute to even the score. An later they would get the game winner.
Yes, Yemen Elite is the underdog and coming into this game with 14 players will not help. Yemen started the season with 21 and as the season went on critical injuries and players traveling overseas reduced the ranks. The last few games Yemen has done a lot with what they have and showing their true heart, they were able to get wins. The best example was the semifinal game as Queenston FC, Queenston had a full bench with 8 on standby and Yemen only had 4 on bench with 2 in rotation. Yemen pulled an amazing effort to win the game 1-0. But to give credit to just the team would be an understatement, the crowd was at full tilt and roared on many occasions that lifted the spirits of the players. The crowd will be equally as important for Yemen Elite at Nichols for the finals.

Important message from league president:
All fans are to sit on bleacher side of the fields. No fans will be permitted in the space between the fields.

The Lackawanna Yemen Soccer Club will be providing shuttle service from the Lehigh Soccer field. The shuttles will be leaving the field at 5pm sharp and bring folks back after the game. Please carpool as there will be limited parking.

Kick off is Sunday 8/11 at 6PM @ Nichols (1250 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14216). Come show your support, bring your friends, family, drums, vuvezelas, and anything else along for what should be a great game

Yemen Elite vs Queenston


These 2 powerhouses have been neck and neck the whole season.  Both teams ended up with the same record and about the same goals against.  The goals for and goals differential go to Elite.

This game is one of the best matchups with both teams coming in with top caliber keepers.  The previous meeting of these 2 teams happened up at The Fort, a very long drive for anyone to make.  Yemen Elite experienced the curse of the Fort showing up with only 7 players to start the game with 2 more joining the ranks a few minutes later.  Yemen Elite controlled the ball in the beginning with only 9 guys, but Queenston was beating on the door and almost capitalized twice had it not been for a tremendous save by Semir Kadric and an absolutely amazing goal line header save by Ayman Elsayegh.  Yemen was able to get 2 more bodies before the end of the half but no bencher.  The half ended with no goals produced by either team.  It wasn’t until 20 minutes in that Yemen’s Ali Adel took on 4 Queenston players and glided skillfully toward the net to put one past John Netter.  About 10 later James Ugorji was awarded a PK and scored it with no chance of the keeper reaching it.  Throughout this match, Yemen was physically exhausted with no relief of the bench and physically manhandled by a bigger stronger squad.  Yemen played with heart and shook off the pummeling with a 2 goal lead.  With 10 minutes left, Yemen’s Gilford Sai slid across the 18 yard line to stop an impending breakaway and missed the ball and took a shattering knee to the eye which resulted in a double whammy.  One being a PK and the other ending yet a 3rd Elite member to season ending injuries.  Semir stepped up big and saved the initial shot but Queenston was able to knock in the rebound. 2-1 with only 9 minutes left, Yemen held off a barrage of chances that Queenston threw at them to hold the win.  Some fans that came to watch said it was the best, gutsiest showing by a Yemen team in a very long time.  Missing in this game were some key players.  Defenseman Ahmed Adil, Midfielders Otmane Boussag, Abdulqawi and Majed Albari, and Forward Taha Omar.

Queenston boasts a great record that equaled Yemen’s, but that loss caused them to lose the 2nd seed and home field advantage.  Now Queenston must travel to hostile territory deep in the heart of Lackawanna.  If there ever was a place to build a soccer stadium it would be right here on Lehigh, the fans out here are the best in the league and the most rabid. Queenston will have to face a more determined Yemen Elite team which lost last year in the semis to Celtic United at Ellicott Creek.  Coach Faress hosted 2 critical practice and strategy sessions that will surely help Yemen’s game flow back in order.  Queenston’s first time in the championship division this year and also to make it this far has been a surprise to others, but not to me.  They are looking to continue to move up the ranks and hoping to enter Premiership after this season.

Word has spread fast and far about this game.   This is the first time ever Yemen has hosted a playoff game in the championship division and probably the first time ever in Men’s Yemen Club history.  The Cage will have its full serving of pandemic fans and the opponents will have to endure its intimidating atmosphere.  WOW! what a game it will be.

T-shirts will be on sale at the gate for 10$ to help support and cheer your beloved Elite.

Kick off is today Sunday 6PM @Yemen Soccer Field on Lehigh St. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (8/4/13)

Yemen United vs Sporting Roos

YemenUnited_S_ROOSThere has been so much build up to this game.  First, Yemen United who started the season strong and at one point were at the top of the division fell quickly by losing 4 in a row mid season.  They were able to salvage their season by beating teams that were ahead of them in the standing and getting enough points to squeak into 6th place.  It was definitely down to the last game that they lost but secured it when Celtic Hoops lost to Depew Village.  This team is much better than their record shows, but lack of player attendance and mid season bickering, the crew was able to pull it together at the end and get some wins. Yemen United will have great fan support including their brethren from the championship division Yemen Elite.  United should have a full roster showing up for this game at the Boneyard (Orchard Park Soccer Complex).

The Sporting Roos are a new team in the league that was formed under the same Club banner as Roos United (Championship division) and managed by Drew Maloney, who has been a target of many around the league due to his brash statements that seem to stir the pot, some may call it trolling and some may call it bashing, but whatever the case, he has too many enemies (I will get back to this later on) that most fans around the league root against any team affiliated with him.  He has not played in any game this season due to his knee injury, but that did not stop him from being the face of the club. The Sporting Roos started the season strong and stayed amongst the top tier of the division and at one point were in first place like Yemen United was.  They have faced United early in the season which ended in a 1-0 victory to the Roos. Fans that watched that game stated it was a bland showing by both teams that could have went either way, and United missing opportunities to score.  The S. Roos have some familiar  faces on the squad like Tukie Gildo and Abraham Ahmed Alajji who have added speed and tenacity to the squad.

This game went from a usual playoff game to a controversial one due to one individual on the BDSL forum known as maxpayne0256 (Dave Payne). This person came out of no where and has taken the forum by storm.  He has constantly berated Drew and anyone who supports him.  His motivation was due to Drew’s constant bashing of other teams post game for years.  He is an obscure person which everyone is trying to figure out who it might be. Everyone from former players to disgruntled fans even to the point that someone mentioned it might be Drew himself, no one knows. So why am I mentioning this for a 1st Division quarterfinal game.  Well, Dave Payne made a wager, and his wager was if Yemen United were to win this game, Drew would have to apologizes on the forum for his years of so called insolence.  And if Sporting Roos were to win this game, Dave Payne will no longer roam the BSDL forum.  Such a big wager that goes beyond monetary value.  There has been a rumor that Dave Payne will be in attendance to witness this game, although no one will know who he is. This individual will go down in BDSL history, due to the fact he single handedly revived the forum with some posts going 5 pages long including some over 3,000 views.  This has been the most interesting BDSL season in a while, and happy to see so many people interested again.

Kick off is on Sunday 28th at 6PM @ Orchard Park Soccer Complex (OPSC). Map Orchard Park SC 1 Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (7/27/2012)

P.S. Yemen Elite came in 2nd place during the season and therefore were rewarded a bye this Sunday (No game)

BDSL Gameday – Yemen Elite vs Wolfack


It has been a tremendous season so far for the Elite.  Coming into this last game of the season in 2nd place is quite an accomplishment.  All that stands in between guaranteeing that spot and gaining a first round bye and home field advantage for the semis is the woeful Wolfpack.  I really can’t tell what happened to them this year, but by reading the forum the past few weeks, they have been plagued with injuries and suspension.  The Wolfpack have been known in the past to play a physical style of soccer, and some wouldn’t even consider it soccer.  But this year they started the season playing against strong quality teams such as Queenston (3-0) and Amherst Sharpshooters (5-0).  Their only wins have come against lower seeded teams like NS Alliance and FC Buffalo Reserves.  For the Wolfpack, they really have nothing to play for other than pride.  The last time Wolfpack faced a Yemen team for a meaningful game was the 2011 Semifinals.  The game was very physical and ended in PKs late into the evening in which Yemen won in front of faithful who stayed after sunset.  Enforcing the game was none other than the best ref in the league, Tom George, who will also be enforcing this game too.  Wolfpack might be looking at the game as revenge or even getting a positive out of their failed season.  Although most of the players who were on that Yemen team are not playing, it will still sit close in the back of their minds what to play for.

Yemen Elite will finally get a couple healthy bodies back.  Ahmed Adil who had to sit out 3 games for a double yellow suspension that still has many people scratching their heads.  Abdoghani Ali will be back after sitting out a game.  Gilford Sai is still sitting with a fractured eye socket and no word on his return as of yet.  Yemen must not take this team lightly or jokingly or it will get ugly.  Let’s hope they come out with a win and no injuries/suspensions going into the playoffs.

Also there is Double header today.  United at 4pm, against BSC Inter @ Nichols.

Kick off is on Sunday 6PM @Yemen Soccer Field on Lehigh St. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (7/21/2013)

BDSL Gameday Results


Post Game Analysis (6/3/12) – Yemen Elite 2 vs Celtic United 2

It was raining but I think we started the game with no real delay. This was by far the most intense game of the season I believe for both sides. Both teams came out ready to play, both teams had deep benches. We were without top DM and one of our top strikers pull a muscle within the first 5 minutes of the game. So we had to rely on our young talent up top. The pitch was wet but not that muddy as expected. The game started with both sides mounting pressure on the defenses but no real breaking chances. Yemen had a couple of chances that went just wide. The first real chance the Celtic team had was a penalty shot awarded to #5 Steve Carcaterro but our goalie Mana Mohsen made an unbeliveable save that gave us momentum to step it up. It did not last for long, just a few minutes later Celtic was awarded a corner kick that they capitalized by a mishandle of one of our defenders which Allen Filarecki broke in hard and one timed in. About 12 minutes later the sun broke through the cloud and maybe it was a sign. We finally got a call near the left top 18, and it was placed beautifully by our captain Mateo Escobar. About 10 minutes later, we got another call near the same spot and again our captain came through and netted one to the bottom left of the net. This game was ours to win, we had more chance in the second half than they did. I think our forwards left thier finishing boots at home, I am not taking anything away from the Celtic keeper, he was on top of his game and made a point blank kick-save on our young striker Ali Mo, that would have sealed the deal for us in this game, but Celtic team pressed on and we were playing to aggressive on our counter attacks that left our middle wide open for them to come down. #9 Chris Griffiths found an opening and passed back to #16 Tom Cordaro who volleyed it back and Chris one timed a beauty of shot that sailed hard and high over our diving keeper, definitely a highlight reel. Great game for both teams, hopefully we can meet up again down the road in the playoffs.

Post Game Analysis (5/31/12) – (Tehel Cup RD1) FC Yemen 2 vs Amherst Raptors 1

FC YEMEN beats the Amherst Raptors today in the 1st leg of the Tehel Cup . It was a good match at Lehigh Home Field. Final Score 2-1 . FC YEMEN advances to the next round of the Tehel Cup. Congratulations .

Post Game Analysis (5/24/12) – (Tehel Cup RD 1) Yemen Elite 5 vs NS Alliance 1

Great game. Our fans came in strong support. It was a clean game that had a young ref staff on the field, but really controlled the game and did not throw that many cards, I believe just one yellow for NSA. We missed alot of chances in the 6 yard, for some odd reason our strikers were wiffing on the ball when the ball bounced thier way. Yemen had control of the ball most of the game, only conceding one goal on a miscommunication on defense, should have never happened. This game could easily have been 8 -1 had it not been for the forward missing wide open nets, blame it on the field which looked like a hill crowned all through the middle of it. OPSC1 was occupied by an under 15 girls match. So they had us played on the lopsided one. Anyhow, NS Alliance had a strong sweeper which also helped keep the score low.

Post Game Analysis (5/20/12) – Yemen Elite 3 vs Alden 0

Very hot day and the Lehigh Soccer Field “The CAGE” ground felt like concrete. We knew it was not going to be easy against Alden since they lost close games against Roos and the Rangers. We did not want to take this game lightly since it was our first home game of the season, and what a turn out from the fans. The game started slow for our team, but as the half progressed we starting clicking. Scoring first by a cross that sailed through the six and Alden unable to clear it out, Naef Alhajjaji was in the perfect place finished it. Alden’s defense was very strong throughout the game, especially #2 Jose Gomez, if it was not for him in the second half the score could have easily been higher. Yemen went up 2-0 after a penalty kick was awarded to Yemen for Waheb Noman who got tackled in the box, Waheb showed respect to his captain Mateo Escobar by allowing him to take the shot and buried it in the bottom left, no chance for the goalie to get it.  Waheb was still able to get his goal later on after Mateo was able to deke a couple of Alden players and pasted a soft past to him, and he was able to place a pretty shot into the net.  Yemen’s defense held strong conceding no goals or any chances for Alden to capitalize.  This is Semir Kadric’s 2nd shutdown for the regular season in 2 games that he played.

Alden is a very physical team who seem to me will get stronger as the season goes on. The referee for this game was fair and called an even game with no major fouls, he did not allow anything to get out of hand. Good Luck to Alden, great game guys.

Post Game Analysis (5/13/12) – Yemen Elite 1 vs Polonia 2


Yemen coming off a convincing win against a physical Tonawanda team and Polonia a former premier team coming off a heartbreaking loss to Roos, this game was to be a good test for both teams.  Polonia is a much experienced team with a veteran coach Michael Mroziak.  First year Coach Faress Saleh wanted to keep the momentum of last game flowing into this game.  The troops were ready to deliver as expected scoring 5 minutes into the first half.  Yemen passed the ball around beautifully, getting around the midfield of Polonia.  A high through ball by Captain Mateo connected to Waheb on the right, Waheb trapped it on the run and one timed the shot from the top right of the 18 yard and struck the left top corner of the night.  We were poised to win this came, but first year coach had a lot to learn from this game.   Seemed like coach Faress was still experimenting with line changes and disrupted the flow of the game for Yemen.  Yemen should have had at least one more goal before the end the half missing 2 opportunities that would cost them the game.


The second half of the game is were experience pays off.  Polonia realized we could not win the high balls since most of our players are short in stature.  They moved the ball up more often through the air and pushed the ball past our midfield, once in our side of the field, they were able to draw a foul and get a set kick from outside the 18 yard. A low and hard shot break through a porous wall a Polonia player deflected the ball toward the net and the Yemen goalie made the initial save and the ball floated on the line and was smashed into the net.  Yemen brought on the pressure for about 15 mins, but Polonia pushed on and strung together great passes down the right wing drawing the majority of the Yemen players to one side leaving the middle open for Polonia.  With a couple of nifty moves by #4 Polonia and wide open pass to #9 it left a one on one with Yemen goalie Mana Mohsen.  He had no chance and it was an easy pass into the net. Polonia changed more defensive by adding a 4th defender and it made difficult for Yemen to equalize.  The game was mostly Yemen near the end but all chances were nixed when the most of Polonia’s team slowed our assault by claiming cramps and calling for subs every time the ball left the field, even calling for subs when none were available.  This was hard loss for Yemen since they were up 1-nil at halftime.  Next game will be at home against Alden.



Post Game Analysis (5/6/12) – Yemen Elite 3 vs Tonawanda City 0

This was Yemen Elite’s first crack at a championship division team.  We had a full squad with an exception of one our main defender Mohamed Harhara.  Debwan Hassan filled in for him in this position, and he carried the position well.  Yemen looked strong throughout the game, but unable to capitalize on many chances.  Tonawanda City played a physical game, using their big bodies to push Yemen off the ball.  It worked in the first half.  We were only able to produce one goal that game off a shot to the net from Nageeb Ali.  The ball rolled past the 6 yard line and was on its way out when Ali Mohamed our youngest player darted in anticipating a rebound jabbed the ball in.  We had many shots on net but none were able to find the strings. 

The second half started the same way, with coach Faress rotating 4 guys back in that started the first half.  The offense had many opportunities to finish this team off early, but many shots were either hitting the post or sailing wide.  This half the game became more physical with the referee assessing 3 reds and 5 yellows.  Sami Abdulmalik, one of Yemen’s more experienced striker, was able to find the back of the net with halfway through the second half.  He is also got called for a major infraction, per the ref’s call an elbow to the back of the head.  He was given a direct red and expelled from the game.  This left our 2 youngest players on the team to finish off this game.  The defense held line and prevented Tonawanda from getting clear shot on net.  Any chances of scoring for Tonawanda would have been in the first half since they looked like they ran out of steam mid second half. Down one player with 20 minutes left, the young Waheb Noman was able to bury a loose ball in the 6 yard.  The midfield was just as strong and fluid with Captain Mateo Escobar commanding the center of the field.

This game could easily have been 5-0 if Nageeb Ali would have not been frustrated with himself.  He is a good kid and more than likely going through a funk.  Next up for Yemen Elite is Polonia at Sahlen’s Sports Park.