Yemen Elite vs Alden (Tehel Cup RD1)


Yemen Elite will be facing off against 1st Division Alden.  The last time Yemen faced Alden was in 2012 league play in which Yemen won handily.  Alden has been a team in a downward spiral since then and have been relegated from Championship division. Alden has only played one game this season against the Buffalo Gunners in which they conceded 4 goals and only scoring off a corner kick.  From initial analysis, they are big and work well on corner/place kicks, they are non stop hustlers.

Yemen Elite coming off a hard fought loss to Celtic.  Yemen played hard with 10 men after get an early red card on a questionable call.  The loss is still stinging coming into this game.  Missing from the last game was offense, Yemen will look to change things up today.  Back in the line-up is Mike Raftu, this should add some offensive spark.  This game will be played at the Cage, which is been in constant battle with the weather.

Yemen Elite is looking to make a statement in this game and will not take this team lightly.

Other Tehel Cup gains in action is FC Yemen (1st Division) vs Rangers (Championship Division) and Buffalo Gunners (1st Division) vs BUSS (Premier)

Kick off is today Thursday 630PM @Yemen Soccer Field on Lehigh St. Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (5/22/14)

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