Yemen Elite vs Lykan FC


I know its been long overdue for a post but so much work done off season by Coach Faress to get this team depth and skills which will hopefully payoff as the season goes on.  Again, the Coach has to work with 12 new players ( I will provide a breakdown of these new players in the future) on the roster and try to get the new guys used to his system.  With one game under his belt against Rush FC. We saw an attacking team with so much promise, Yemen Elite dominated the possession time but left their finishing boots at home.  The game at halftime was 1-0 but should have easily been 4-0. And with the closing seconds of the game, Rush was awarded a pk and equalized.  Game ended 1-1. When asked about the game results, Coach Faress’s disappointing response was “Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, in this league doesn’t cut it, it will bite you in the butt, plain and simple you must finish your opportunities in the game”.

Last year’s finish in the Tehel Cup was a heartbreaker falling 1-0 to Queenston in the finals.  Queenston scored on a pk in the first half of the game and pretty much parked the buss in the second half.  The feeling of disappointment is still there and Yemen Elite is looking to return to the finals this year.

The first opponent Yemen Elite will be facing is Lykan FC, who have been relegated to Championship division.  Lykan is a perianal team in the BDSL who have seen better years and being so early in the season it is hard to tell what caliber of team they will be bringing to the field today.  The conceded to BSC International in the first of the season 2-0, and we don’t know if it was because of player attendance or did the team skill level drop.

Yemen will be playing hard to get some goals, added to the roster is newcomer Jordan England and fresh out of college is returning veteran Ali Adil which should provide some more pressure. All in all, it should be great game at Martin Rd Elementary.  Although the Cage will hopefully get a facelift this year, this is the closest venue to the local with a good pitch.

Kick off is Thurday 5/7 at 630PM @ Martin Rd Elementary School (135 Martin Rd, Lackawanna, NY 14218). Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game.

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