Yemen United vs Sporting Roos

YemenUnited_S_ROOSThere has been so much build up to this game.  First, Yemen United who started the season strong and at one point were at the top of the division fell quickly by losing 4 in a row mid season.  They were able to salvage their season by beating teams that were ahead of them in the standing and getting enough points to squeak into 6th place.  It was definitely down to the last game that they lost but secured it when Celtic Hoops lost to Depew Village.  This team is much better than their record shows, but lack of player attendance and mid season bickering, the crew was able to pull it together at the end and get some wins. Yemen United will have great fan support including their brethren from the championship division Yemen Elite.  United should have a full roster showing up for this game at the Boneyard (Orchard Park Soccer Complex).

The Sporting Roos are a new team in the league that was formed under the same Club banner as Roos United (Championship division) and managed by Drew Maloney, who has been a target of many around the league due to his brash statements that seem to stir the pot, some may call it trolling and some may call it bashing, but whatever the case, he has too many enemies (I will get back to this later on) that most fans around the league root against any team affiliated with him.  He has not played in any game this season due to his knee injury, but that did not stop him from being the face of the club. The Sporting Roos started the season strong and stayed amongst the top tier of the division and at one point were in first place like Yemen United was.  They have faced United early in the season which ended in a 1-0 victory to the Roos. Fans that watched that game stated it was a bland showing by both teams that could have went either way, and United missing opportunities to score.  The S. Roos have some familiar  faces on the squad like Tukie Gildo and Abraham Ahmed Alajji who have added speed and tenacity to the squad.

This game went from a usual playoff game to a controversial one due to one individual on the BDSL forum known as maxpayne0256 (Dave Payne). This person came out of no where and has taken the forum by storm.  He has constantly berated Drew and anyone who supports him.  His motivation was due to Drew’s constant bashing of other teams post game for years.  He is an obscure person which everyone is trying to figure out who it might be. Everyone from former players to disgruntled fans even to the point that someone mentioned it might be Drew himself, no one knows. So why am I mentioning this for a 1st Division quarterfinal game.  Well, Dave Payne made a wager, and his wager was if Yemen United were to win this game, Drew would have to apologizes on the forum for his years of so called insolence.  And if Sporting Roos were to win this game, Dave Payne will no longer roam the BSDL forum.  Such a big wager that goes beyond monetary value.  There has been a rumor that Dave Payne will be in attendance to witness this game, although no one will know who he is. This individual will go down in BDSL history, due to the fact he single handedly revived the forum with some posts going 5 pages long including some over 3,000 views.  This has been the most interesting BDSL season in a while, and happy to see so many people interested again.

Kick off is on Sunday 28th at 6PM @ Orchard Park Soccer Complex (OPSC). Map Orchard Park SC 1 Come show your support, bring your friends and family along for what should be a great game. (7/27/2012)

P.S. Yemen Elite came in 2nd place during the season and therefore were rewarded a bye this Sunday (No game)

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